Monday, 20 January 2014

Would like to thank Neil 'dude' Ellis for all his hard work on our web site its looking great.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Welcome to our newest member Rob Hartnell in his grey 64 bug with a fuel injected 2276 with a pb of 14.3 with loads more to come see you at the track soon.

Bring on the new season!!!!

Friday, 10 January 2014

I have had a sneaky peek at our new web page is that is undergoing construction its looking great!!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Ok, i forgot we had a blog until now ..... so I will use this space to wish you all a Happy New Year!
The Web site is slowly coming together with alot of hard work put in by Andy Searle.

Andy and Jo have booked tickets for EBI5, and will be booking the ferry next month so if anyone wants to join us let us know and we will let you know travel times etc.

DKR club 

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Bloody weather

As you all know the second meet was cancelled due to bad weather, so has been rescheduled for the 13th march (see web site for more details)
The new Platimun sticker has been unveiled, who will be the first to get a shinny sticker?? lol
There are club members goint to this months ace cafe adn we have a club stand at volksworld, busy days!!!!

lets hope the weather cheers up for a good season of racing and banter
the atmosphere in the club is fantastic and every one is willing to offer help and advise for other club members its great, well done guys keep it up!!!!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

First meet has been and gone

Well the DKR first meet was on 31/1/10 we had 4 qualified members running, and brian and his buggy trying out unfortuantaly it wasnt to be this time but im sure he will soon qualify, mean while claggett with his turboed oval got hios new pb of 12.8.
The next meet has been organised for 28/2/10
The club is now up to 11 qualified members 3 now are green members so our members list now looks a bit like this
  1. Alex Webber 14.20 67 Cal Look Beetle 2387cc with 48 IDAs
  2. Andy Joyner 14.00 68 Green Goblin 2276cc with 48 IDFs
  3. Danny Pike 13.80 63 Grey Cal Look 2276cc with DTA EFI
  4. Craig Allen 13.60 70 Low n Loud Baja 2276cc with 45 DRLAs
  5. Andy Sykes 13.30 65 green beetle 2332cc with DTA EFI
  6. Darren Claggett 12.88 57 satin black oval 1914cc with saab t3 turbo, DTA s40
  7. Kane Busfield 13.99 72 baby blue stock look 2165cc with CB turbo kit megasquirt ECU
  8. Lee Stevens 13.58 64 blue/white beetle 1776cc with turbo
  9. Gary Campian 13.70 54 Stars & Stripes Oval V8 with nos
  10. Walter J. de Vette 12.05 75 white1303s 2200cc Type 4 turbo on DTA S60
  11. Andy Searle 12.07 blue 1303s 2443cc fuel injection with nos

Monday, 21 December 2009

An Update

Hi all just a update, the club now has 9 members
Alex Webber
Andy Joyner
Danny Pike
Craig Allen
Andy Sykes
Darren Claggett
Kane Busfield
Lee Stevens
Gary Campion
the club is new and we feel has a very strong base of members thankyou for your support in getting things off the ground and a big thankyou for your contributions towards the banner, and whilst i am thanking people i must say a big thankyou to Alex Webber (argos stig ) for all his hard work on the forum it looks brill!!! Also i have been writing to companies all across the world and have had a few positive responses and some nice little discounts for you all.
The first meet on jan 31st looks to be a good one as people from other clubs are coming to see what we are all about ( and weigh up the competition i feel) we have a few people coming along to try to qualify so heres hoping the weather improves, if not its too the greasy spoon we go.
And Finally i will take this chance to wish you all a very Merry Chrimbo and a fun filled Happy racing New year
Jo (Dogs-Body)